1:1 session: Ditch the debt

1:1 session: Ditch the debt

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Want to take control of your spending and pay off your debt, but have zero idea of where to start? This 1:1 session with our money coach puts you in the driving seat of both. Drilling specifically into your personal financial situation and debt landscape, your money coach will start by laying out a concrete spending plan, including how much you can pay towards debt in order to reach your financial goals.

Then it’s time to hit those debts head on, which is why your money coach will guide you through exactly what debts you need to pay off, which ones to prioritise, your time frame, all with the one main goal: freeing your mind of debt. In other words, your money coach will whip up a realistic and achievable plan so that you wave goodbye to debt for good.

Is this session for me?

If lingering debt is preventing you from obtaining those financial goals, but you struggle to find the time to physically sit down and make a thorough plan, then this session is for you. It’s time to make debt something of the past, rather than something standing in the way of your future.

What to expect?

  • 2 x 45 minute video calls with a Female Invest money coach
  • A thorough overview of all your debts (from student loans to credit cards)
  • Guidance on methods to pay of your debts
  • A personalised debt plan which you can stick to


Important: To purchase or attend a 1:1 session, you must be located in the EU or UK. The session is conducted in English.

Disclaimer: Female Invest ApS does not have license from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the UK Financial Conduct Authority or any other financial authorities. The offered money coaching services are not for the purpose of acting as your personal investment adviser or financial adviser. You should seek a licensed investment adviser or financial adviser if you are looking for personalised advice. Please click here to access Female Invest ApS’ Terms of Service.