1:1 session: Make your first investment

1:1 session: Make your first investment

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So you’re finally in a position to invest, but realize something is holding you back from taking the leap just yet…we get it, it’s a big step if you’re new to the game! But having a 1:1 session with our money coach will put you at ease and ensure you’re armed with the knowledge to ace those investments from the get go.

From understanding all the fundamentals, knowing how to choose which trading platform is best for you to pick, and understanding what your time horizons might allow for, it’s better you go into your first investment with a clear strategy based on your personal goals and preferences. Going in blind is not the way to go! By sitting down with a money coach, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable clicking that ‘buy’ button for the first time, that’s for sure!

Is this session for me?

If you have a budget, have paid off all your high-interest-rate debt, and feel ready to kickstart your investing journey but want a friendly confidant to guide you along the way, this is definitely for you.

What to expect?

  • 2 x 45 minute video calls with a Female Invest money coach
  • A better understanding of how investing works
  • A personalised goals strategy
  • A helping hand to get you on track to making your first investment
  • The motivation you need to stay focused on your investing goals

Important: To purchase or attend a 1:1 session, you must be located in the EU or UK. The session is conducted in English.

Disclaimer: Female Invest ApS does not have license from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the UK Financial Conduct Authority or any other financial authorities. The offered money coaching services are not for the purpose of acting as your personal investment adviser or financial adviser. You should seek a licensed investment adviser or financial adviser if you are looking for personalised advice. Please click here to access Female Invest ApS’ Terms of Service.