Digital Christmas Card (3 Months Membership) - UK

Digital Christmas Card (3 Months Membership) - UK

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The gift that keeps on giving

Our Digital Christmas Card is more than just financial education; it’s a source of freedom and independence. By providing financial education, we equip woman+ with the tools to live a life on their own terms. So gift a loved one the power to unlock their potential this Christmas — there’s no gift like ours.

What's included

Digital Christmas Card: 3 Months Membership
- 30+ video courses
- Masterclasses with expert speakers
- Live and recorded webinars
Access to a community on the same path towards financial freedom as you
(£27 value)

Introduction to Investing (E-Book)
- Our must-have e-book that will give you the confidence to ‘buy’ your first investment
(£11 value)