'Girls Just Wanna Have Funds' in English
'Girls Just Wanna Have Funds' in English

'Girls Just Wanna Have Funds' in English

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Our New Book: 'Girls Just Wanna Have Funds'

Financial knowledge and education is the key to unlocking your power. But have you noticed the financial books are dominated by men? We decided to do something about it.

Written by Female Invest co-founders (Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen, Camilla Falkenberg and Emma Due Bitz) our new book ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Funds’ is an uplifting money manifesto set to shift the tides of financial power head on. All with one aim: showing that you don't have to be an expert or a millionaire to make money. More importantly, we show you how to do it.

What you get

Written by women for women, you’ll get concrete and actionable advice in 5 easy-to-understand chapters, from reprogramming your money mindset to hitting ‘buy’ on your first investment.

The book is also packed with empowering reflections, interviews and practical tools that will instil you with confidence and set you on the path towards financial freedom.

Is this book for me?

Whether you want to master the art of setting realistic goals, demystify the financial jargon, gain independence with a F*** You Fund, or finally get excited about your financial future, you’ll find it all packed in this bold, unapologetic and comprehensive guide.

With these easy-to-follow golden rules and tools, unleash your financial power and open new doors.

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