Financial Planner - a Practical Guide (English)
Financial Planner - a Practical Guide (English)
Financial Planner - a Practical Guide (English)
Financial Planner - a Practical Guide (English)

Financial Planner - a Practical Guide (English)

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🌟 New Year, New Financial You: Begin your journey to financial empowerment and personal growth with our exclusive "Financial Planner”. This planner is more than just a tool; it's a roadmap to achieving your financial dreams and lifestyle goals.

📘 About the Planner: This is the ultimate tool to reaching your financial goals. It’s filled with practical steps, interactive exercises and valuable knowledge. Its user-friendly layout and visually appealing design makes financial planning an enjoyable and empowering experience.

🚀 Transform Your Financial Journey:

  • Goal-Oriented Design: Structured to guide you through setting and achieving personal financial goals, from budgeting to investing.
  • Reflection and Growth: Each section is designed to encourage reflection on past financial decisions and create a proactive plan for the future.
  • Educational Yet Simple: Understand complex financial concepts through straightforward explanations and practical tips.

🌱 Why Choose Our Planner?

  • Practical Tools and Resources: Equipped with worksheets, trackers, and reflective prompts, making it a practical resource for everyday use.
  • Tailored for Beginners: Based on learnings from helping women across 100+ countries manage their money, this planner continues our mission of empowering women in their financial journey.
  • Easy to use: Using the planner can change your life - and it requires less than 30 minutes per week!

📚 Who Is This Planner For? Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting to explore your financial potential, this planner is your companion in creating a robust and independent financial future. Ideal for those looking to reshape their money mindset, streamline their budget, or step confidently into the world of investments.

🌟 Start Your Financial Revolution:

With "Your Financial Planner", unlock the door to financial freedom and embark on a journey of growth, independence, and success.


The financial planner will be released on the 29th of January. We will ship your financial planner as soon as possible after the release date.

Delivery time:
UK & DK: 2-5 days
Rest of Europe: 5-15 days
Outside Europe: 2-3 weeks

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